Big Country VOAD

Our community continues to come together to help one another – through a pandemic or natural disasters like winter storm, fires, tornadoes, the Big Country always steps up in times of need.


When you give to United Way of Abilene your gifts are combined with others to help fund 25 agencies and 27 programs that positively impact the EDUCATION, FINANCIAL STABILITY, and HEALTH of the children, families, elderly, and individuals that make up our community.  


It can be overwhelming to know where to start when you need help. Our trained, certified call specialists assist every caller in assessing their needs and providing referrals to available local non-profits, organizations, and government agencies. 

Minding the Gap

Every day, we work to improve the lives of those who live in Abilene and our area. Nearly every facet of the community was impacted by either COVID-19 or the 2021 Winter Storm. From the health of its residents and businesses to its economy, educational system, and beyond. United Way has stepped up to provide vital services that are crucial to healthy communities. 

During 2020, United Way of Abilene provided:

  • 260,800 meals were given out through the food bank and pantries 
  • 364 families with lost wages received help paying rent 
  • 106,704 hours of childcare were provided to children of essential workers
  • 20,000 free masks were distributed to the community 
  • 73 students in quarantine in Wylie and AISD received free internet access
  • 1,500 thermometers were distributed to families of elementary students in Wylie and AISD 
  • 610 virtual court hearings were provided for children in foster care
  • 836 remote counseling sessions were delivered for victims and family members of violent crimes
  • 4,890 meals were prepared for our homeless neighbors


What We Do

DR. CATHY ASHBY – President & CEO

Everyone deserves opportunities to have a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health. That’s why United Way’s work is focused on the building blocks for a good life: EDUCATION, FINANCIAL STABILITY, and HEALTH. We work with our Community Partners to address the needs of today and tomorrow while seeking ways to create positive, lasting change. 

Getting Started Is Easy


Get involved! Whether you are speaking out to improve community conditions, volunteering, or donating, you are helping to inspire hope.


You make a difference for people across our community. Thank you for supporting United Way of Abilene!

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