#AbileneUnited COVID-19 Housing & Utility Program

A partnership between United Way of Abilene and the City of Abilene

This program is intended to serve as a bridge funding for residential household expenses to help stabilize housing for those at greatest risk of homelessness who:

  • Have experienced a particular loss due to COVID-19;
  • Live in the city limits of Abilene;
  • Meet all program criteria; and
  • Ensure a complete application
There is a limited amount of funding and not all applications will be funded. You will be contacted should additional funding become available and if you are approved for funding. This funding is not guaranteed, and assistance issued is based on a one-time payment and dependent on available funding. If a household is funded, a paper or direct deposit check will be issued directly to the landlord, mortgage holder, or utility provider. The application process should take about 20-30 minutes and can only be  completed in one session—you cannot save and return at a later time.
Before beginning the application process, please have the following information available:
  • Your email address,
  • Contact information for your landlord, mortgage lender, or utility provider(s), including email address
  • Scan/Photo of Proof of Id, Copy of Taxes Driver’s license or State Identification Card for all household members over 18, plus copies of social security cards for applicant(s) and all other household members
  • Information for the most recent two months of income (examples are two months of: pay stubs, social security benefits, unemployment benefits, TANF/SNAP/Food Stamps benefits, Disability/Death benefits, Medicaid benefits, pension/retirement benefits); if self-employed, have available your most recent year-to-date profit and loss statement.

Paper applications are available in the United Way of Abilene lobby (240 Cypress), or you may request one by email at abileneunited@unitedwayabilene.org.

For urgent assistance please dial 325-677-1675 to schedule an intake appointment.