Diamon learned about the opportunity to volunteer as a Lunch Buddy through the School-Based program at Big Brothers Big Sisters duringa college campus presentation. A sophomore at Abilene Christian University, Diamon knew she had something to offer as a role model to a child and wanted to serve as a mentor.  Diamon was matched with Little Sister Samantha in March 2016 and the two see each other at lunch time each week in Samantha’s school cafeteria. The two enjoy playing air hockey on Diamon’s iPad and having conversations while playing games. They laugh a lot together too.  Samantha’s mother feels like Diamon is the perfect and best match for her daughter. She has seen such positive changes in Samantha in their time together. She stated that her daughter talks more and is just “doing so much better in so many ways because of Diamon”.  Diamon’s enthusiasm for her match is shared saying, “Being Samantha’s big has been a blessing, and wonderful experience. I hope in the future we can continue and blossom together. Samantha is a smart girl and a beautiful person inside and out. I know she will grow up to become someone who does great things in this world.” Samantha shared that her Big is kind to her and that makes her happy. She gives her match with Diamon “a perfect 10”.