It can be the name of a movie or a brand name of home accessories. There is even an exercise called Mind the Gap (“how to have sexy thighs!”). I first heard the phrase Mind the Gap on the London Underground. It is a warning to passengers of  the risk of stepping into the gap between the train and the platform. The United Way Abilene campaign slogan for 2021 is Mind the Gap and we have provided relief to thousands of families with a safety net during the pandemic of 2020.
  • $115,000 to the food bank and local food pantries
  • $80,000 and climbing for rent/utility bill payments for employed or displaced workers
  • $210,000 in day camps for children of essential workers from March until the end of May. Sixty-three percent of the children in day camps had parents who worked in healthcare
  • $60,000 to partner agencies to meet payroll and fund supplies needed for their programs
Our Home and Safe program is a network of volunteers who make a real difference in keeping people safe at home. Home and Safe volunteers have provided services such as grocery shopping, medication pick-up, lawn care and other tasks while our seniors and vulnerable populations remain safely at home. With your help, we have greatly impacted many lives in our community.  Let me give you one example of how United Way is Minding the Gap: Our partner, Regional Victim Crisis Center, provides counseling and support to victims of crime, many of those in their care are children. United Way donated $14,758 so that they could continue their counseling sessions from home. One young girl, age 5, had not responded positively to face-to-face counseling. The kindergartner had her first breakthrough in a virtual counseling session at her home. Her mom set up her tablet in her closet, surrounded by her favorite dolls, and she was able to open up for the first time to her counselor about the abuse she endured. We have a long way to go in this pandemic marathon.  Families who have never before asked for help are facing challenges that threaten their livelihood and homes. They are seeing gaps that seem impossible to overcome. Together you can help us Mind the Gap between now and normal.